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Professional full-service farm management includes:

  • Negotiation of crop share, modified crop share, cash rent or custom farming lease agreements
  • Negotiation of wind farm lease agreements, mineral rights lease
    agreements, and utility easements.
  • Preparation of long-range farm plans, crop rotations, seed and chemical selections, and fertilizer applications based on soil tests
  • Constant analysis of commodity market conditions, sale of grain, and receipt of proceeds
  • Analysis of and application for all government farm programs
  • Preparation of easy-to-understand financial statements, periodic status reports, yield reports, and annual tax information
  • Maintenance and construction of surface and tile drainage systems

  • Maintenance and improvements of houses, farm buildings, and grain-handling and storage facilities
  • Frequent and thorough on-farm evaluation of the farm plan’s effectiveness and ongoing professional practical advice for your farm operator
  • Evaluation of insurance coverage
  • Preparation of soil conservation plans, terracing, waterways, filterstrips, and improved soil-saving tillage operations
  • Taking advantage of quantity, cash, and farm management discounts without commission or brokerage fees

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Commercial Property

Over the years, our farm management expertise has led to the development of farmland and the exchange of farmland for commercial properties. Currently, we manage commercial property in Champaign and Bloomington, and development land in west Champaign and the Dwight area.


August 2012Our People

The owners of Camp Farm Management, Inc. and the Accredited Farm Manager supervising your farm are one and the same. We deal primarily in the management, acquisition, sale, and development of farmland.

Dean Robinson, AFM—President/Owner

Carolyn Griffin—Office Manager